Another you, Another loop?

流水 像清得没带半颗沙
The flowing water appears to be so clear that it doesn't carry even half a grain of sand.
前身 被搁在上游风化
The former me was dumped in the upper portion of the river, and there it remains, weathering.
But that day, when I passed by that strip of dam,
The setting sun's ray was reflected,
遇上一朵 落花
Upon a fallen flower.
相遇 就此拥着最爱归家
A chance encounter, and you can take your most beloved home.
生活 别过份地童话化
Life, don't make it too fairytale-like.
故事 假使短过这五月落霞
Stories, even if it is shorter than this evening glow in May,
没有需要 惊诧
There is no need to be surprised.

流水 在山谷下再次分岔
The flowing water, separates once more at the valley.
情感 渐化做淡然优雅
Feelings, slowly evolve into indifferent elegance.
I feel that my heart is as clear as a polished mirror.
Why did the rare guest from the sky,
泛过一点 浪花
Spread into little waves?
天下 并非只是有这朵花
In the world, there isn't only this flower.
不用 为教事下文牵挂
There is no need to be concerned about teaching the second portion.
要是 彼此都有些既定路程
If, we both have some predetermined routes,
学会洒脱 好吗
Is learning to shirk those good?

命运敲定了 要这么发生
Their fate is already written; it must happen thus.
讲分开 可否不再
Speaking of separation, can they stop,
Their regrettable kiss?
习惯无常 才会庆幸
Only when the habits are unpredictable, would we delight,
讲真 天涯途上 谁是客
In speaking seriously on the journey of life - who is the guest,
散席时 怎么分
And what to do, when we part?

流水很清楚 惜花这个责任
The flowing water is very clear; it is a pity that the purpose of the flower,
Cannot be subjugated.
If this journey can be made happily,
Then their lives have not been lived in vain.
水点 蒸发变做白云
Water droplets, evaporate into white clouds.
花瓣 飘落下游生根
Flower petals, float downstream and grow roots.
淡淡交会过 各不留下印
Uneventfully, they pass each other, but they do not leave their marks.
但是经历过 最温柔共震
But they have experienced together, the tenderest, warmest feeling.